Travel Tips

Every day, somewhere in the U.S. there is another American who is convinced to go to Europe. It might be a friendly suggestion from a coworker, or a news clip, maybe even a free trip from a parent that convinced you to go to Europe. Congratulations! You’re about to leave the country.

But here’s what they did not tell you:

AAHHHH leaving the country is very scary! This is not going to be anything like going to another state in the U.S.A. Every European country is maddeningly different, speaks different languages and has it’s own customs. Additionally, traveling around Europe doesn’t take that long and isn’t very hard, so having to bend to the wills of these people’s customs gets really tiring. Unlike Amtrak, in America, trains in Europe are efficient and fast. Going from country to country will be a breeze. But the downside to that is that the customs of Europe haven’t caught up to the technology. You won’t be able to figure out things like road or bathroom signs, menus, books, tickets, announcements, comments from other people like waiters or drivers..and much much more. Sure everyone there watches American made movies, uses the same internet, and has the same items made by Apple and Ikea, but you’re going to find out that your similarities will not matter.

You’ve come to the right place though. Here are some more travel tips to help you get started for planning your trip:

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