Congratulations, you’re pushing your limits of enduring Europe! If you’re in Poland or planning on going to Poland, then you’re courageously braving the parts of Europe that aren’t worth it. Poland’s fifty/fifty on it’s worthiness of your time. Much of it is wonderful, but there’s just enough Eastern European lifestyle to make any full-blooded American pull her hair out and stomp on the ground.

Stick to the big cities. Warsaw is the best of all of these, but it is in the middle of Poland. By the time you get to Warsaw, I expect you’ll have already realized your mistake in going to Poland in the first place. Unfortunately, to get back to a decent part of Europe, it’s going to take the same amount of time it took to get into Poland. Think of Poland as a planet in that scene from Interstellar, you need to think of Time as another resource when you’re traveling through Europe, just like Fun and Comfort.

Kevin’s Tip: Duct Tape is another form of currency in Poland.

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