Italy requires a lot of energy. It takes a long time to get anywhere in Italy. I once took the subway in Rome. It only went one way as far as I could figure out. It must have taken 45 minutes for the train to come to our station. Then, because it only went one way, it really did not go anywhere near our hotel. For Americans, this is a lot like the subway that they built in Los Angeles. It’s completely frivolous and locals wouldn’t be caught dead using it. (Note: I may be remembering this wrong, it had been a long day by the time we took the subway)

Each city in Italy is different. Mostly Americans are going to want to get pizza and go to museums. If you do anything else in Italy, you’re going to get ripped off. That includes booking a hotel, taking a tour, taking a bus…I’m talking ANYTHING you do in Italy will be a rip off. They may have many famous artists in their lineage, but the current artists in Italy are tourist rip off artists.

If you’d like a day trip to Italy, you can get a steroid shot of Italian culture by going to Venice, Italy. Here’s the list of all the Italian things you can find in Venice, Italy:

  • There are museums with old Italian art
  • There are winding roads you will get lost on
  • There is cobbled stone for you to hurt your ankle on
  • There are weird street artists that aggressively perform for your change
  • There are tour guides who will rip you off by lazily strolling through parts of the city with no historical importance
  • There are boats and canals
  • There are outrageously priced food items on every menu because they know no matter who they are that you will think “Oh boy, an authentic Italian meal”
  • There are a lot of locals who hate you on sight

Enjoy Venice, and then decide if you want to see the rest of Italy. Most Americans agree that Venice is “Enough!”

Kevin’s Tip: Never take a gondola ride, it’s just like having someone drive a canoe through alleyways in a small town while you comment on everyone’s house upkeep and garbage contents.

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