How to Plan a Euro Trip

A lot of Americans are stumped at the prospect of planning a Euro Trip. How do you speak to people who don’t speak the same language as you and explain to them that you need a room with a bed for a night? That answer is simpler than you think.

Start Planning Your Euro Trip Online

The fastest way to get started when planning your Euro trip is to go online. The internet has a lot of answers to your Euro trip questions. Go online and ask them on your favorite search engine. If you’re not using or Bing, you will get good results that will help you start planning.

Ask a Friend or Family Member

If you’re too busy working, or just lazy, get a friend or family member to plan your trip for you. Maybe you can say the time it takes them will be a “wedding gift,” if you’re planning a honeymoon. Make sure they still give you a real gift, planning a Euro trip is a very bad gift. You could have done that yourself.

What Cities Do You Want To See?

Most Americans want to see European cities like London and Paris. Most Americans don’t even know where Zurich is on the map, let alone would know what to look at when there. That’s ok. Make a list of cities that you want to see, and focus mostly on those cities. Make sure the cities that you write down are not outside of your language barrier comfort level.

Find Plane Tickets

Once you know what cities you are going to, it’s time to book your plane tickets. There are only two or three European cities that are cheap to fly to, so make sure your trip starts in these cities and ends in these cities.

Another thing we don’t have in America that Europe has is really cheap air travel. Once you’re in Europe, maybe you can take a plane ride to the next city for close to 30 Euros. That’s cheaper than a trip from Chicago to Indianapolis any day. How do they keep people from going all over Europe? How does anyone form a routine in their daily life if they can just hop a plain to another country at any time? These are good questions you can ask people on one of these cheap flights.

Get Hotel Rooms

Once you have planned how you will get in and out of the cities you are visiting, then it’s a good idea to find hotels or hostels to stay in overnight. Book months in advance to ensure that your credit card won’t max out while you’re overseas.

Find Museums

After you’ve booked where you will sleep, you can start thinking about what you will do in Europe while you’re awake.


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