France is a lovely country, full of people who have a terrible reputation across the entire planet. Aside from their global contributions throughout history to art, democracy, and science, France is most famous for it’s poor service and lack of manners when it comes to foreigners who don’t know French. Also, Napolean Bonaparte, of which the complex is named.

The best place to go in France is Paris. A lot of great Americans have gone to Paris when they have needed to combat their boredom. Condoleeza Rice, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemmingway, and even Kanye West have fled to Paris at various times to get away from the magnificence of America. But they didn’t stay for long, and neither should you. Think of Paris as a nice place to get over your jet lag, then get back on the road and keep moving.

Paris is also known for its French Bread.

Kevin’s Tip: Bring Jiff or Skippy Peanut Butter with you from the U.S.A. to spread on the French Bread. French cheese and butter will turn your stomach into a French sewer system.

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