England is the European country the most like America. Have a great time in England! Not only will you be happy to discover that America used to be England (well except for the native American Indian populations…) but also you will relive the glory and excitement experienced by your forefathers who overthrew the government because it was very unfair and also the leaders were rather dull. There are cameras everywhere in England, and things like lack of privacy and freedoms of speech have gotten so bad that the whole country will be voting on which episode of Black Water they want to be their distant future.

Unfortunately for you, England may be the closest to America, but it is also the most different from other European countries….so don’t expect your trip to go smoothly once you leave England. Unlike other countries, England does not use the Euro. The Euro being the closest thing to an American dollar, and the easiest thing to convert in your head, not being able to use them in England is a huge hassle. Especially if you are planning on traveling out of England during your trip to Europe.

Kevin’s Advice: Don’t buy anything while you’re in England. Look, don’t touch. Then get Euros from an ATM once you get into the other parts of Europe.

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