What Do You Do After Traveling?

So you’ve traveled to Europe? Good work! I hope you’ve followed all of my tips and had a fine time.


Now what?


Most people would say the answer is “Nothing” and that’s not entirely the wrong answer. The truth is that most likely you will not have the money to do any other travel to Europe in the near future. Most Europe trips are once in a lifetime opportunities. And even when you do have money to travel again, most likely you will want to stay in the United States because of how much cheaper it is to get around.

But here’s the secret to getting back to Europe: Save up. While you’re busy telling people about your trip, open a new credit card account. Then open a savings account with your bank. The fastest way to save is to charge everything on a credit card and deposit your paychecks into the savings account at your bank. This way, none of the money you’re earning at your job will be withdrawn or used while you’re getting ready for your next trip.

As you accrue credit card debt, you will also get points if you sign up for a credit card that allows you to earn miles on purchases. These miles will come in handy later when you are buying plane tickets. Once you have enough money in your savings account to travel around Europe, buy the tickets with your credit card and apply the miles you’ve earned to the purchase. Leave this credit card at home when you go to Europe. Use only a debit card that pulls funds from the savings account. This will ensure that you are not spending beyond your means while you’re in Europe.

After your trip, make sure you open a new credit card account. You can repeat this several times before filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy basically resets all of your debt to zero, allowing you to begin this process all over again.

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