What were you expecting?

Venice is going to be amazing no matter who you are or what you’ve seen. It is a city built on a bunch of islands. There are no streets and a lot of narrow narrow sidewalks.

And hundreds of bridges and thousands of steps…

That’s the premise, here’s the result: it is a very tiring place to be! There are tons of people all rushing around or window shopping, and they bump into you. That’s annoying. There also seems to be some resentment towards tourists from locals in Venice. I don’t get this at all, isn’t that 99% of the city’s economy? Also as an addition to the resentment, you will find tons of “street art” or if you’re like me and actually like graffiti, you may call this “terrible trashy tags made by high school drop outs.”

So take a long long stroll and then reward your effort with some pasta and vino. I think you could do that same routine about three days in a row before you go raving mad and submit plans to the city planning office on how to build bridges that are ramps and not stairs.


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