I hope you have Das Boots, because Berlin is a walking city.

In the winter time the sunrises after 9am and sets around 4:30, so if you’re going to see the city at all, it will require some hustle. Get a good breakfast and head out early. Just not too early, walking around Berlin at night is no picnic either. The buildings are large, wide and there is little street light. You may have the experience of trying to get home during a curfew. Hardly anyone walks around after dark.

Berlin has put all of their museums on an island. I assume this is to keep them from being readily accessible. In fact, many of the museum island paths are closed for construction. If you decide to see one of these museums, be prepared to walk around (off island) until you find the appropriate path.

The most significant building on the Berlin cityscape is its TV tower. Even viewing the Berliner Dome, you will have a great view of the TV tower as well. In fact, if I recall correctly, you can even see the TV tower in the far distance from as far as the Brandenburg Gate. Its a toothpick of modernity surrounded by bloated monuments to Germany and Berlin’s past.

Overall, Berlin is a nice place to walk around, there is some good food and a few free museums. It’s also not overrun with Cathedrals like other cities. However, once you reach the Brandenburg Gate, and see the Holocaust Memorial, you’ve pretty much seen it all. The park across from the Gate is pretty, but full of American trees planted after WW2. So maybe if you’re homesick go check out those trees.

Have fun in Berlin, its a good 1 night type of town!

The long walk to the Victory column thing…


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