Paris Pt 1.

A little bit of French goes a long way…

Or more truthfully, a little bit of French lets everyone know you are not from France and they will then smile and try and help you using their very crisp and well learned English.

Paris is a city that is spread out over the River Seine. It’s also a city that has been around since before the Romans. That means that there are no roads or trains or busses or sidewalks even that follow a logical sense. Everything in Paris has been made and remade and then remade on top of that. Abandon all directional sense ye who enter here.

However, for as zigged and zagged the city can seem, the payoff is that there is never a lack of something to see. Every area of the city has some old historical thing to look at. And usually they are very decorated in sculptures. Some things like the Moulin Rouge you’ll later learn are just replicas of the originals, but these are still just as good.

When you get sick of buildings, I suggest checking out a sporting event. Any sport. Parisians get really involved in their sports and its a fun atmosphere. You’ll be able to figure out whatever it is you go see. And you’ll know all the stadium rock songs too! Here’s a picture from the 2017 Handball Championships:

Featuring Paris vs Egypt.

Final note: It’s a lot more tourist friendly than London!


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