Getting Ready for my Europe Invasion!

Hey all,

I’m so stoked to get going. I leave in a few days for Europe. It’s true, it will be my first time there. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two (or an exceptional amount actually) about traveling and getting around Europe. I’m excited to share with you my ideas and findings. I can’t wait to get going.

But first some questions people have been asking me:

How did I decide to become a famous YouTube Travel Vlogger? 

I’ve always been one on the inside. I love watching travel shows and travel channels. I always think to myself though, when I am watching them, “Gee, why would he/she go and do that, that looks too weird for me.” And ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to do a real, true, honest, travel show.  A show that really shows what traveling is like. My grandma died recently and rather than give her a proper burial with the insurance money, I’ve decided to follow her last words, which were “Kevin, do what you want,” and what I’ve always wanted is to go an become a famous YouTube Travel Vlogger.

How have you prepared?

To be honest, everything came really easy to me. I used the internet and a calendar and planned my whole trip. Everything came in under budget.

Will you have a film crew?

My sister is making me bring her with. I didn’t want to. She thinks I might die, or get arrested. So I’m bringing her. It’s whatever. A lot of famous vloggers have a crew right?


Send me any comments or questions! I can’t wait to get this trip going!


Kevin West

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